Opinions of our customers
  • CEC maintains an average total score is a 3.8 out of a possible 4.0 which is considered “Satisfactory Performance” under the County’s Administrative Order 3-42 which governs the evaluations of contractors.

  • Capital Improvements Information Systems
    MCC Contractor Evaluations Reports

  • “…It is the opinion of the Recreational Design and constructions that CEC was an instrumental part of the success of this project. Ownership, management and staff alike, offered not only their expertise, but also committed to extensive personal effort in order to aid with the completion of the project…”

  • -Ariel Guitian
    Senior Project Manager
    Recreational Design & Construction, Inc.

  • “…During our many years of business relationship we have found the Canseco team to be reliable, knowledgeable, professional, and cooperative. I recommend Canseco Electrical Contractors, without reservations, to anyone considering using their services. Our company will certainly Canseco’s team in any of our future projects…”

  • -Leonard J. Fonticiella, P.E.
    Fonticiella Construction Corporation

  • “…During the course of the project we have found Canseco Electrical Contractors to be professional, competent, and cooperative on this project. We can state that this project was completed with the utmost satisfaction and we look forward to working with them in the future…”

  • -George Krawczyk, P.E.
    Project Manager
    Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc.

  • “…Canseco Electrical Contractors, Inc. handled this complex project with professionalism and enthusiasm. They provided the manpower and expertise needed to complete this project on time and within the construction budget. They were consistently available to assist the project engineers and MDAD staff in this complex project. Will continue to use Canseco Electrical Contractors in their future projects…”

  • -JC Mena
    JCM Development Group, Inc.

  • “…I can extend my highest recommendation for Barbara and Ramon Canseco. They are extremely confident, totally straightforward and honest. Canseco Electrical has successfully completed all projects that we have bonded in a very satisfactory manner. We have never received any complaints from owners, general contractors or suppliers. The have an excellent reputation. We are very confident in their integrity and abilities and once again would extend our highest recommendation on their behalf…”

  • -Mabel Lago
    Nielson, Alter & Associates

  • “…The level of professionalism, competence and cooperation received by Canseco and its personnel is truly commendable. The company is reliable and dedicated and shows great pride in their work. I highly recommend Canseco Electrical Contractors, Inc. for the outstanding quality of work they have demonstrated on our projects…”

  • -Scott Greiner
    Senior Project Manager
    Recreational Design & Construction, Inc.

  • “…I have had opportunity to bond Canseco Electrical Contractors, Inc. for many years. I can extend my highest recommendation on behalf of Canseco Electrical Contractors. Canseco Electrical Contractors is, without a question, one of the finest construction companies in Florida…”

  • -Charles D. Nielson
    Nielson, Hoover & Associates